PT. Mido Jaya Bersama

Contact us: 021-62320285 Mobile: (62)8111508112 PT. Mido Jaya Bersama (MJB) is the 3rd generation of PJU pole makers, originally called Mekar Jaya already in the Old Walnuts since 1968 which is the first generation. Exactly on March 30, 2009, the relay baton of the PJU pole was continued with the name Mekar Jaya Baru. Right on June 5, 2015 Mekar Jaya Baru increased the status of its business entity from an individual to a limited liability company to PT. Mido Maju Bersama (MJB) based on Notary Act Kurniawan, SH.,, By staying focused on consumer needs and demand and continuing to innovate, MJB continues to be trusted to attend to the growing needs. MJB has become a company that is highly committed to always trying to perfect products and work processes to meet consumer needs. With a commitment to integrity, perseverance to put primary attention to consumers and the spirit to continue to excel, PT. Mido Jaya Bersama will continue to utilize all its resources to create the best products full of innovation. And all of them are the core values ​​of PT. Mido Jaya Together in a necessity that must be fulfilled for all consumers. We produce round, octagonal, hexagonal pju poles, solar power and electric poles. We produce it starting from forming 6-sided, 8-sided, round pju poles of roll iron plate, welded and dipped in galvanized tin. PT. Mido Jaya Together prepares all needs including all road poles, both street lighting poles (PJU Poles), Electric Poles / PLN installations, CCTV Poles, Signposts, Road Direction Poles, Traffic Light Poles, Floodlight Poles and Lightning Rods In collaboration with property developers, contractors and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia both cities and regions that need public street lighting, PT Mido Jaya Bersama is ready to produce street lighting poles both on a large and small scale. It must be admitted that there are still many areas where the road lighting conditions are still very concerned, therefore PT. Mido Jaya Bersama, which has been a producer of PJU Poles since 1968, is determined to make a better contribution to the quality of street lighting supported by the central government, cities and regions and developers, let us create a better, safer and more comfortable environment for the public interest. For the sake of better public interest, we PT. Mido Jaya Bersama will provide a special price. Manufacturing: Lembang Sari Kebon Kelapa Kp. Guha No. 13, Kec. Rajeg Tangerang - Banten Workshop: LTC Glodok Lt 1 Blok C38 No.5 Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Mobile: 0811-1508-112 Contact Us We are always ready to serve you

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