lightning rodKURN Radius 150 . Lightning Rod

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27 Apr 2023
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Specification of lightning rodKURN Radius 150 . Lightning Rod

Lightning protection systems / lightning rod with various radius to protect the area, such as: office, residential, shopping malls, schools etc.


Lightning rod mounting purposes:

1. Catch Lightning

By way of providing reception system (Air Terminal) that can be quickly welcomed bolt of lightning currents, in this case was able to be faster than him and protect appropriately taking into account the amount of lightning.

2. Channelling Flow Lightning

Lightning strikes that have the terminal lightning rods as the receiver strike will carry very high currents, so it must be quickly channeled to earth (grounding) through transmission cables according to standard so there is no stepping electricity that may endanger the structure or harmful devices No inside a building.

3. Accommodating Lightning

By making a grounding system with resistance or resistivity of land less than 5 Ohm. This is so that the lightning current can be fully absorbed by the soil without the occurrence of a potential step. Even in the field today generally resistance or resistivity of land for the installation of lightning rods must be below 3 Ohm.

4. Protection Grounding System

In addition to considering the resistance or resistivity soil, the material used for the manufacture of grounding should also be noted, do not be easily corrosion or rust, especially if the area by the sea. To avoid stepping lightning currents that ditimbulakn the voltage potential difference then every point grounding should be protected by way of integration or bonding system.

5. Lightning Protection Electrical Power Line

Protection against the path of power muntak needed to prevent the induction to barging into electrical and electronic equipment.

6. Lightning Protection Line PABX

Protect the entire network, including telephone and air faxsimile signal and data networks.

7. Lightning Protection Electronic Line

Protect all electronic devices such as CCTV, machinery etc. by installing electronic surge arresters

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