Street Light Pole Hexagonal 8 Meters
Street Light Pole Hexagonal 8 Meters
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12 May 2020
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Hotdeep Galvanized PJU Pole is a Pole used for PJU lamps with rust quality and durable. Galvanized PJU poles have a variety of sizes 6 meters, 7m, 9m up to 13m with models (Octagonal, Round and Hexagonal Public Street Lighting Poles). In addition to what we mentioned, this pole can also be equipped with additional ornamentation, curved or straight handlebar. The diameter of the pipe is 1.5 Inch / 2 Inch.

Using domestic raw materials for steel products, our factory operates leading manufacturing techniques to develop a wide variety of steel poles for electric poles, street lighting poles, parking lot poles and outdoor spaces, garden lighting poles, decorative lighting poles, signaling poles and past cross, CCTV poles, antennas and anti-lightning structures and high mast light pole structures.
The flexibility of our manufacturing process results in consistency in the production results from small to large light pole structures and is able to produce poles with custom designs according to your specific specifications with the right material selection to meet the conditions in the most difficult environments.

Manufacturers of Wholesale Wholesalers of Galvanized Iron Electric Pole - Galvanized Steel Electric Pole, Galvanized Hexagonal Electric Pole - Six Six Galvanized Electric Pole, Galvanized Octagonal Electric Pole - Galvanized Octagonal Electric Pole offered by PT.MIDO JAYA BERSAMA

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