High Mast Street Light Pole.
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05 Aug 2020
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High Mast Mast
High Mast Mast Large, high diameter poles that are made sturdy to be able to withstand heavy loads. Usually used for certain areas that require maximum amount of lighting and lighting.
High Mast Mast Type:

1. Pole High Mast type manual or equipped with a climbing ladder for people to ride maintenance to do routine maintenance or replace lights that are not lit / damaged.

2. Automatic Mast Type High Mast Mast or Motorized Mast High Mast System. The lamp bracket and the lamp can be raised and lowered by a reverse phase 3 phase motor system and according to the manual is operated once a year or when the lamp is replaced. The total weight of the lamp bracket is 145 kg and the movement is supported by a reverse forward system consisting of a 3 phase electric motor, sling cable, pulley, reduction gear, switch, v belt, and wire rope and lubrication. This system works by activating the switch will move the motor, v belt, reduction gear so that the sling moves to move up and down the lamp bracket assisted by a pulley. The smooth running of the system is facilitated by the lubrication system.

The design of this High Mast Mast prioritizes safety and durability protection. Because of the application of the lights up and down automatically (for maintenance) or termed automatic lowering, or High Mast Motorized System. After the pole is mounted, then the raising and lowering mechanism of the lamp bracket can be used repeatedly for routine cleaning and maintenance, so that it is certain that all parts of the system will be durable and reliable.

PT. Mido Jaya Bersama prepares all needs covering all road poles, both street lighting poles (PJU Poles), Electric Poles / PLN installations, CCTV Poles, Signposts, Road Direction Signs, Traffic Light Poles, Spotlight Poles, High Mast Poles and Antidotes Lightning.
In collaboration with property developers, contractors, and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia both cities and regions that need public street lighting, PT Mido Jaya Bersama is ready to produce street lighting poles both large and small.

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