High Mast Mast.
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High Mast Mast
High Mast Mast Large, high diameter poles that are made sturdy to be able to withstand heavy loads. Usually used for certain areas that require maximum amount of lighting and lighting

High Mast Pole for spotlights (High Mast Floodlighting)

First developed as high mast lighting for floodlights at crossroads, High Mast Floodlighting has become a popular and efficient way for large-scale lighting in areas such as: airport aprons, port piers, large industrial estates , stadiums and other sports facilities, shopping centers, city park areas and parking areas. There are also a number of applications that can take advantage of the benefits of the High Mast Mast system.

PT. Mido Jaya Bersama prepares all needs covering all road poles, both street lighting poles (PJU Poles), Electric Poles / PLN installations, CCTV Poles, Signposts, Road Direction Poles, Traffic Light Poles, Spotlight Poles, High Mast Poles and Antidotes Lightning.

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