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30 Mar 2020
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Iron poles for CCTV camera support poles, made of round or polygonal pipes (in terms of 6, 8). Pole equipped climbing steps for cctv care if needed. At the bottom of the pole is equipped with a base plate and bolt anchor whose function is to connect the pole to the concrete reinforcement foundation. The CCTV device is placed on a mounting that has been designed to be fixed and is in the top position of the pole.
Finishing coated hot dip galvanized as an anti-corrosion coating for a long period, usually can reach 20 years.

Using domestic raw materials for steel products, our factory operates leading manufacturing techniques to develop a wide variety of steel poles for electric poles, street lighting poles, parking lot poles and outdoor spaces, garden lighting poles, decorative lighting poles, signaling poles and past cross, CCTV poles, antennas and anti-lightning structures and high mast light pole structures.
The flexibility of our manufacturing process results in the consistency of production from small to large light pole structures and is able to produce poles with custom designs according to your specific specifications with the right material selection to meet the conditions in the most difficult environments.
PT. Mido Jaya Bersama prepares all needs covering all road poles, both street lighting poles (PJU Poles), Electric Poles / PLN installations, CCTV Poles, Signposts, Road Direction Signs, Traffic Light Poles, Spotlight Poles, High Mast Poles and Antidotes Lightning.

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