Kurn Lightning Rods
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12 Dec 2019
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Specification of

Kurn Lightning Rods.

Lightning protection system/lightning rods with various radius to protect the area, such as: housing, offices, malls, schools etc.

The purpose of the installation of lightning rods:
1. Catch the Lightning.
By way of providing reception system (Air Terminal) that can quickly strike lightning current welcomes, in this regard being able to be faster than him and protect precisely taking into account the magnitude of lightning.

2. Menyalurkan lightning current
Lightning strikes that have about terminal lightning rods as strike receiver devices will bring very high currents, so it should be quickly transmitted to Earth (grounding) through the cable distributor according to standards so there happen a stepping electric that may harm or endanger the building structure of the devices inside a building.

3. Hold the lightning
By the way make the grounding system with resistance or tahanan soils are less than 5 Ohms. This is so that the lightning current can be fully absorbed by the soil without the occurrence of a potential step. Even the current situation generally ground resistance or resistance to the installation of lightning rods should be below 3 Ohms.

4. Grounding Protection System
In addition to paying attention to the resistance or the ground resistance, materials used for manufacturing of the grounding should also note, do not easily rust or corrosion, especially if regions with laut. To avoid the occurrence of lightning current stepping ditimbulakn the presence of a voltage potential difference then any point grounding should be protected by way of integration or bonding system.

5. Lightning protection of Electric Power Line.
Protection against power line from muntak is needed to prevent the occurrence of induction can be merusah electrical and electronic equipment.

6. PABX Path Lightning Protection
It protects the entire telephone network and signals including fax and data network equipment.

7. Electronic Lightning Protection
Protect all electronic devices such as CCTV, machine etc. by installing electronic surge arresters.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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