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29 Apr 2020
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Lightning protection cable BC (Bare Copper) is the core of the lightning protection cable that is not protected by an insulator (cable wrapper). Using a BC lightning rod will facilitate the induction caused by lightning strikes. BC lightning protection cable in practice its use is usually wrapped using PVC counduit as a lightning rod insulation cable.
BC cable is applied to conventional lightning rod (splitzen) suppliers because this type of lightning rod has a passive nature. BC cable can also be applied to the lightning rod grounding system, the greater the lightning rod cross section cable the better the lightning strike current.

Therefore We PT. Mido Jaya Bersama prepares all needs covering all road poles, both street lighting poles (PJU Poles), Electric Poles / PLN installations, CCTV Poles, Signposts, Road Direction Poles, Traffic Light Poles, Spotlight Poles and Lightning Protection.
In collaboration with property developers, contractors, and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia both cities and regions that need public street lighting, PT Mido Jaya Bersama is ready to produce street lighting poles both large and small.

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